Stress is something everyone deals with on a daily basis. The problem is, most people stress about the same thing each day but never take action to relieve that stress. You have a blueprint of how you think your life should be and when things go against those beliefs, you get stressed. For example, if you’re over weight but want to be in shape, you’re going to stress about your body everytime you look in the mirror or sit down to eat. After a while your thought process becomes habit which makes it even harder to overcome your stress.

Take advantage of your stress

Are you working your dream job? Do you have the body you want? Are you in a fun and loving relationship? If you were to rate your life from 1 to 10 where would you put yours?

Most of us are living a life that doesn’t come close to matching what we truly want and expect someone else or something to make us happy. You are the driver of your life, if you don’t map out the direction you want to go, then you’ll roam around lost and unhappy.

Stress is that annoying friend that keeps nagging you to do something with your life. The more you start working towards what you want, the less nagging you will hear. But for most of us we do the complete opposite and go against what we want. We find small bits of pleasure in unhealthy foods, or going out and replacing meaning and purpose with a false happiness. This is usually something you buy, like a car. You may think that a new car will make you happy, but in reality, the excitement dies after a short period and you’re back at square one.

What does this have to do with my health? Stress is good if you use it for what it’s there for (getting you off your butt and working towards your wants) but if you continue to stress and don’t do anything about it, your health will suffer. Why? Stress is a breeding ground for disease. Studies show that long term stress and depression cause serious damage to your body and deplete you of nutrition.

Taking control of your stress

To overcome stress you will need to know a few thing.

  • What’s causing your stress? Write these reasons down
  • Find your purpose – Sustainable happiness doesn’t come from possessions or people. most people think they would be happy if they had their dream car, home or relationship. If you’re not happy with yourself, you will not find true happiness in other things. You can’t expect others to make you happy either. We all know people are in great relationships and have nice things but are still unhappy. People that win the lottery end up in way worse shape after and wish they had never won in the first place.
  • Love yourself! Everything is easier when you love yourself. You need to love your body enough that you are willing to take excellent care of it. Eat healthy, exercise daily and talk positive about yourself. too often you hear people talking about their flaws and very little about their strengths.