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Toxins keep us from feeling our best. They are in our food, water, air, and many household and hygiene products.

Your body is designed to naturally remove toxins. But our detox pathways become blocked when we consume more toxins than what our bodies are designed to handle… Leaving toxins backing up in our system and causing all sorts of problems.

The HoneyCombs detox pack is a combination of herbs that help breakup, unblock, and remove toxins from the detox pathways.


"Detoxing was a game changer for me. I had tried many things to improve my health, but until I did a detox, nothing seemed to work"

HoneyCombs Detox Packs

detox Pack

Detox Pack - Capsules

Best for those that are sensitive to taste. This pack includes a 30 day supply of Intestinal Tune-Up Capsules, Formula IM, and Fromula OC.

Herbal Detox

Detox Pack - Powder

Best for those with a weak digestive system and have trouble breaking down capsules. This pack includes a 98 day supply of Powder Intestinal Tune-Up and a 30 day supply of Formula IM, and Formula OC

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