Toxins and damaging chemicals can steel energy, stress the immune system, damage and kill cell tissue, and cause us to prematurely age faster.

What are toxins and why are they so destructive to our human? Toxins are identified as a poison produced by an organism that can cause cell damage or death. However, in today’s world toxins are the least of our concerns. What about synthetic chemicals we are exposed to every single day? These days damaging chemicals and toxins are spoken as one in the same. Synthetic soaps, makeup, fragrances, clothes, cleaners, carpets, paints, dyes, plastics, cookware, products, environment, water, and foods all have some sort of man-made something that can have devastating and harmful effects to our body. We refer to toxins as something that can irritation, damaging, adulterate or kill cell tissue. 

When the body becomes overwhelmed with these toxic chemicals the immune system and detoxifying organs work overtime just to manage the day-to-day activity. The body is clever in its ability to store harmful chemicals to minimize damage. The body recognizes cell tissue stress and damage and starts manufacturing fat cells to store these toxins. Initially, the body tries to eliminate these chemicals as fast as possible. However, for many people, these chemicals are constantly being introduced in the body and can’t get rid of them faster than they are coming in. This forces the immune system to steal large amounts of energy from us to literally baby sit these chemicals. The immune system uses every resource available to help minimize these chemicals effects.

The immune system delivers hazardous chemicals to the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, the liver, kidneys and bowels in an attempt to break down or eliminate these damaging chemical structures. If the body has become overwhelmed with these chemicals and can’t keep up, fat cells are made to store them. This doesn’t get rid of the chemicals; however, it does contain them in a cell minimizing their damage.

What if we could promote the body’s own ability to detoxify? Open the doors (so to speak) and allow the immune system easy access to eliminate these harmful chemicals. If these chemicals are removed from the body, they can’t damage our tissue. HoneyCombs Detox Pack, Thrive and Expello-C are designed to work together to do just that.

Loosen unwanted toxic materials, neutralize them with powerful nutrition and antioxidants, and eliminate them entirely. Imaging what this would do for one’s vitality, energy, and health. It would take away the stress from the immune system giving back the immune response it once had. It would give back the energy it once stole from us to baby sit these toxins. It would prevent the damaging effects these chemicals have on our cell tissue.

When we are overwhelmed with healthy tissue, we feel good. And when we eliminate toxins and chemicals the body is not manufacturing overwhelming fat cells to store these toxins. When we are detoxified, the body is encouraged to eliminate these fat cells with the toxins because there no longer needed. This 2022 New Year take back your health with Thrive and the Detox pack!