Inside your body right now there are toxins being filtered from your bloodstream, fats being broken-down to support your organs, glycogen and vitamins are being stored for energy to be used at a later time, and Albumin (a protein that keeps fluids from leaking from the bloodstream) is being produced.

All these vital functions and around five hundred more are all taken care of by your liver. It does it every second you are alive, without you even having to think about it. And since your liver does such an amazing job taking care of you, here are several things you can do to support it.

Eat Healthy – Your liver’s job is to breakdown toxins that enter your body, but it can and will cause damage if you are consuming more than it can handle. Eating a healthy diet not only supports the liver with nutrition but it also lowers the workload for your liver, which helps it stay healthy.

Eating more fruits and vegetables are a great way to get more vitamins and minerals that support the liver. Wild caught fish, nuts, and olive oil are all good sources of fatty acids that the liver needs to stay healthy.

Avoid drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating fried foods, white breads and pasta, and sweets. These substances and foods are all toxic and will only put unneeded stress on your liver.

Exercise – Get up and move. Exercise is a must for every organ in your body (including your liver) to stay healthy. Exercise reduces inflammation, burns fat, and increases blood flow to your liver. It also lowers stress levels, which is known to damage liver cells.

Starting an exercise regain increases every aspect of your life. It’s amazing for your health, lowers stress and anxiety, and will boost your confidence. Image feeling and looking great everyday without worrying about your health. Loving yourself is the only way to live life.

4 Herbs That Support A Healthy Liver

Milk Thistle Seed – is an ancient medicinal plant that has been used for centuries to support the liver and gal bladder. It’s composed of three compounds (silybin, silyadianin and silychristin) collectively known as silymarin. The wide spread use of milk thistle has made it a well-known for its antioxidant potential in protecting and activating liver tissue.  

Dandelion – contains a powerful prebiotic called inulin. This prebiotic encourages the health and survival of our healthy gut bacterial that influence good health. Dandelion root is a nutrient rich herb that is high in many vitamins and minerals. In conjunction with other digestive and health support, dandelion root encourages bile flow in the liver and gall bladder. This activity supports the detoxification of the liver and gall bladder, encourages digestive activity, and supports the liver’s ability to detoxify itself.

Turmeric – supports the body’s ability to balance the immune systems response to damaged tissue. Toxins and other cell damaging factors cause the immune system to trigger an inflammatory response. This natural response may congest toxins, bacteria, and unwanted byproducts that further stressing and disrupting tissue health and activity. Turmeric’s powerful anti-oxidant potential helps reduce this response and may protect the tissue from the damaging effects.

Burdock – is a Chinese herb also known as Arctium lappa. This nutrient rich herb has been used in Chinese cultures for its valuable nutritional content. Like turmeric it has been widely used to reduce oxidative stress and support the immunes systems inflammatory response. In addition, research also supports burdock’s ability to encourage blood detoxification.

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