Calcium is one of the most used minerals in the body. The research behind calcium and how it works in the body is absolutely amazing. When we study calcium, it’s no wander it is the most useful mineral in the body. As a constructional component, its used to strengthen bones, teeth, and joints. It’s used as an electrolyte allowing electrical impulses to regulate muscle movement and heartbeat rhythms. Calcium supports healthy blood pressure and is used as a buffer, neutralizing acids in the digestive system and other parts of the body. Its calming effects support sleep, allows us to manage stress, and supports healthy brain activity. Without calcium and its wide variety of healthful benefits we would literally be a pile of digested mush on the floor.

Imagine if your bones were made of iron instead of calcium. You would roughly weigh double what you do now because steel is 4.5 times heavier than bone. Yet human bone is actually stronger than steel on a molecular level. The difference between steel vs bone strength is steel is denser than bone. If the human bone was as dense as steel, it would be five times stronger then steel. The fact that our biological selves through evolution chose calcium instead of some other element shows our cellular historic choices has a smartness to it that is not yet fully scientifically understood. Our body’s ability to selectively pick and use the best tools for the job on a molecular level is amazing.

Research is very clear; the form of calcium is just as important as the amount of calcium. Not all calcium supplements are the same. Synthetic calcium compounds such as calcium carbonate for an example, had zero bone building capability. Calcium citrate was a little better but not by much. Yet, if you look at many calcium supplements on the market, these forms are what you will most likely see. The body is a genetic driven, enzyme activated, cell manufacturing plant. There are materials the body understands and there are materials the body does not understand. Healthful plant foods rich in starches, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals supply the body with nutrients it understands and can use on a molecular level. Supplying materials, the body does not understand has little to no cellular health benefits.

We cannot replace calcium with anything but calcium. The body requires nutritional and mineral tools to function. All vitamins and major and trace minerals are essential. This means they are necessary for basic bodily function, cell regeneration and health. If the body is starved of calcium, it will not perform optimally. Luckily, our body has a smartness to it and has a calcium reserve. If we did not have this calcium storage unit, we would be in a life-threatening situation fairly quickly. Calcium is so necessary, so vital, the body will literally suck every drop of calcium out of bone and joint tissue before it will let the catastrophic effects take place of going without calcium in other chemistries. Calcium is essential and there is nothing that can take the place for calcium except more calcium.

What is a healthful amount and form of calcium? I’m glad I asked this question. The daily value (DV) is designed to be the absolute minimum needed to prevent calcium deficiency symptoms. The FDA just jumped the daily intake of calcium from 1000mg to 1300 mg of calcium daily for a healthy adult consuming 2000 calories daily. It’s reported that 40% of all Americans don’t meet this minimal daily requirement. 1500 mg to 2000 mg may be a more therapeutic dosage for those who need to restore their reserves.

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