A strong foundation is important no matter what your age. Understanding how your bones work and what they do will help you keep them healthy and strong. In this write up, we will go over what your bones do, why bones weaken, how to keep your bones strong as you age, and what nutrients your body need to accomplish this.

Bones Do More Than You Think.

Your skeletal system is mostly known as the frame of your body that is attached to tissue – without your bones you wouldn’t be able to stand, walk, or do anything else other than puddle up in the middle of the floor. But did you know that your bones do so much more?

Your immune system starts in your bones. The lymphocytes that make up your white blood cells are made in your bone marrow. This is also where red blood cells are made and platelets that help with blood clotting. Without healthy bones, your body will struggle to produce healthy amounts of these cells to maintain health in other areas of your body.

Why do bones weaken?

Your bones are made of mainly calcium. Your body uses calcium for many other functions in the body other than building bone. Things such as maintaining your blood PH and muscle movement (to name a few). If you don’t consume enough calcium needed to do these functions, your body pulls it from your bones. Over time your bones weaken due to the lack of calcium.

Most diets don’t reach the amount of calcium you need daily, and most foods fortified with calcium use calcium carbonate which doesn’t absorb well into the body. And since most the calcium on the market come in this form, we are seeing higher than normal calcium deficiencies.

How To Maintain Strong Bones?

Calcium is the most used mineral in your body. It is an electrolyte, used to maintain your bloods PH, needed for muscle movement (including your heart), it is a buffer that neutralizes acid, and it builds strong bones.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, then it is pulled from your bones. If this continues, over time your bones lose density and become weak. The simple solution is to get enough calcium, daily. This way your body has enough to keep the correct levels in your blood, so it doesn’t need to pull the mineral from your bones.

But taking calcium alone is not the fix all. You will need to make sure it is a good source of calcium, like the one we manufacture at HoneyCombs (made from algae). Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C are also needed for calcium absorption. Adding these vitamins will help absorb the calcium so that your whole-body benefits (including your bones and joints).

Avoiding calcium depleting foods and drinks are also important, even if you are getting more calcium in your diet. Soft drinks and other carbonated beverages have phosphoric acid, which robs your body of calcium. Coffee and energy drinks are high in caffeine, another chemical that depletes you of calcium. Processed and fast food are high in salts which can also pull calcium from your body.

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When it comes down to it, maintaining healthy bones and joints is easy when you live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet, take the bone & joints pack, exercise, drink plenty of good water, and get good sleep. Your body will take care of the rest.

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