Why Liquid?

Through the years of experience and research, HoneyCombs has discovered many manufacturing processes can destroy, limit or adulterate the nutritional value in various products.

FDA regulations for good manufacturing practices (cGMP) require all dietary supplement manufacturers perform what’s called a kill-step to dietary supplements to stay compliant. Heat, light, radiation, alcohol, chemicals, acid, preservatives, oxidizers and other manufacturing preparations are common destructive tools used in manufacturing dietary products. Some of these tools can have devastating effects to the nutritional value of the supplement being manufactured. These treatments are used in dietary supplement manufacturing to kills pathogens that may pose harm to the consumer.

 Other damaging manufacturing processes may intentionally adulterate, manipulate or leave residues in the dietary supplement to give a desired flavor, texture or characteristic. However, many of these treatments have a destructive adulterations and negative effect to the sensitive compounds we as manufacturers want to keep intact during and after the manufacturing process. These healthful compounds are what give the dietary supplement their nutritional value and health benefit.  

Any contract manufacturer can put some vitamins and herbs in a tablet or solution and qualify it under the cGMP regulations and call it a dietary supplement as long as the product meet the label claims under its specification. A consumer taking a supplement isn’t interested in buying a product, but in actually buying the results of the product.

For HoneyCombs we didn’t want to be just another company who sold products. We wanted to give results in our dietary supplements! Compressed tablet supplements were also out of the question. We felt tablets could be difficult for the body to break down and absorb into the bloodstream. Many times, tablets and other more difficult to break down supplements just pass through the body with little to no effect. Especially, for anyone with a weak digestive system. A liquid, cold processed formulation without a nutritional damaging kill-step was on the radar. But not only did we demand a product that would meet our easy to digest, liquid, cold process, quality standards, we also had to create a formula that would fall under the regulation of the cGMP. Was this even possible? It seemed that if we could pull this off, we would have a breakthrough in the industry that has potentially never been done before. If it could be done!

With all the research, with all the brain storming, the testing, years of production, it finally came together! It was so simple. Why didn’t we think of this before? In a food regulation course hand book, we found the last piece of the puzzle. We have been doing this for centuries and it just now comes to us? Now we just had to prove it worked. But this was going to take some time, money, product testing and reviews by the experts to show its safety data. Even some of the experts where hesitant at first. But the logic was so simple, no one could deny the potential of this breakthrough in a manufacturing process that may have never been looked at before.  

We had created a dietary manufacturing process that could protect sensitive compounds. We had created a manufacturing process that was easy for the body to assimilate and absorb into the blood stream with minimal damage from the body’s own digestive system. And cater to those who may be experiencing a weaker digestive system. We had created a manufacturing system that passed cGMP regulations but also, didn’t involve a dramatic kill-step.

The secret? Dehydrate the formula in a liquid solution. It almost sounds impossible, preposterous and almost ridiculous, But true!  We have been dehydrating foods for centuries. This technique reduces the water activity (AW.) The liquid used in the manufacturing process is not water activated and actually protects the formulation and by dropping the water activity, this stops all living activity. All enzymes halt in their tracts without water. Though they are still there they just can’t do anything until rehydrated. This includes enzymes that pathogens use to live and procreate. However, when these products were taken, the water inside the body rehydrated these valuable nutrients and they went back to work in the body as they are naturally intended.