Rules of thought:

Rule #1- We can only have one thought at a time. We cannot have two or more thoughts at one time.

Rule #2-We must have a thought at every given moment. We can never NOT have a thought.

Rule #3- Each thought has a chemical emotion or physical feeling tied to it.

Rule #4- A positive thought has a positive feeling. A negative thought has a negative feeling. We cannot have a positive thought with a negative feeling or a negative thought with a positive feeling.

Rule #5- We cannot break the rules of thought.

What is a thought? What seems to be a moment of meaningless brain activity in our brain is there and gone within a matter of moments. However, thoughts have such powerful impact. They have built skyscrapers, fought wars, taken over the world, and answered some of the most technical questions. Thoughts have literally created everything in this world not already provided by nature. For each of us, our own thoughts dictate everything about who we are, how we feel, and what we will do. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

The brain and nervous system function together with nerve cells called neurons. Each nerve cell has a communicational network with other neurons. A dendrite is part of the cell that receives information. The axon is part of the cell that delivers instructions to the next cell’s dendrite. This human biology triggers a ripple effect of information from the brain to every cell in your body.

With this system in place, every cell in your body is told exactly what to do and when to do it. In other words, your cell tissue does not think for itself. We humans use our five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hear) to gather outside environmental information and internalize it in the brain. This information is rationalized and distributed throughout the body for preparation of human reaction.

There are four brain chemicals or neurotransmitters that cause us to feel good and happy. Those chemicals are endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These chemicals are manufactured and stimulated in the brain. However, we first need some key nutrients to make sure these chemicals are being manufactured. B-vitamins, vitamins D, and omega 3 fatty acids among other nutrients are dominantly needed to manufacture these good mood feeling chemicals. Second, we need to instruct our thoughts and activity to stimulate these chemicals.

Because our tissue does not think for itself, our brain is designed to think in rhythms of habits. If you do not consciously direct your thoughts towards what you want, your brain will automatedly fall back to previous thoughts and you will continue down the same path you are currently on. To maintain thought control, we need to directly feed our thoughts with positive mental direction. Many times, these fallback thoughts are negative and continue to drive a negative rhythm of thoughts further stressing our mind and body.

How do we break these negative rhythms of thinking habit? Practice. Creating daily affirmations are clear verbal instructions we expect from ourselves. Writing down and reading daily affirmations out loud sets the days expectations of thought. Keep these affirmations in plan sight so you remember to focus on them.

Setting goals is another great way to design expectations and how you can control your thoughts. It’s like drawing a map that gives step by step instructions. You wouldn’t jump in your car and drive across the country without first mapping it out, right? Set long term and short-term goals as well as daily goals. It is human nature to get a dose of good mood feeling chemicals when we accomplish something. When we set goals, we implement a stress (good stress). Something must get done. When we get these tasks done, we get a reward. A boost of confidence, a self-worth feeling, and a can-do attitude also known as dopamine.

Again, every cell in the body is looking for instructions. They do not think for themselves. By assigning ourselves goal oriented expectations with affirmations will deliver our human clear instructions. By setting goals and achieving those goals directs our minds in a positive and productive direction we can control and feel good about. 

You have the power to live the life you want, but you must first learn to redirect your thoughts to put you on the right path.