Bone & Joint Pack – 1 Month Supply


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Bone & Joint Pack – Save 20% This Month Only

This pack includes Calcom (liquid or powder), Vitamin A&D (gel tabs), MSM, Liquid Vitamin C, and Vitamin K.

Calcom – This product comes in powder or liquid. Doesn’t matter the option you chose because both do the same thing, it’s just your preference. Calcom is a calcium complex with Algae being the main source of calcium. The calcium in algae is easy to absorb and studies show it’s one of the best for bone density. It also provides magnesium, another mineral good for your bones.

It’s best to take calcium before bed, on an empty stomach. This will ensure the best absorption and won’t interrupt the digestive process. Calcium also improves the quality of sleep. This is why it’s best to take it before bed (add with our mineral complexhops, and gotu kola for even better sleep).

Suggested use: Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 6oz of water (1 tablespoon for liquid calcom).

Vitamin A&D – This product is cod liver oil in gel tabs. Cod liver oil is one of the best absorbable sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Plus, both vitamins are needed for healthy bones and joints.

Vitamin A helps build new bone and Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. This is important because without them calcium would pass through your body offering little to no benefit, and old bone would not be replaced with new bone.

Take 4 gel tabs along with Calcom before bed. Taking them together will improve the absorption of calcium.

Vitamins C – A 1oz liquid formula that’s easy to take and absorb. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen, the protein your bones, joints, and skin are made of. It also protects them from free radical damage.

Suggested use: Take one dropper (18 drops) by mouth after a meal. You can add the liquid to water or juice if you prefer.

Vitamin K1 – A liquid fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin K is needed to direct calcium to the bones. Without it, the calcium would end up passing through your body or accumulating in the soft tissue. Vitamin K supports healthy cartilage in the bones and joints, and can also prevent cartilage calcification, which can lead to many other problems.

Suggested use: Take one dropper (18 drops) with calcium before bed. You can either take it straight or mix with your calcium.

MSM – This product comes in capsules and includes chondroitin, glucosamine, and Vitamin C. The three work great together for better results. MSM is a sulfur that helps protect the cells in your joints, tendons, and ligaments from damage that can lead to problems.

For best results, take 3 capsules after breakfast in the morning and 3 capsules again after dinner at night. If you are not a fan of capsules, you can empty the powder into a glass of water, juice, or shake.

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