Circulatory Pack


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Nutrition for the circulatory system (cardiovascular system).

Your circulatory system (also called the cardiovascular system) is how your cells get oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to properly function. It’s also responsible for removing waste and toxins.

This pack gives your body the nutrients and antioxidants that are most commonly short or absent in most diets that are necessary for a healthy circulatory system.

Pack Includes:

Calcom – this algae calcium complex is a plant base that your body can easily absorb. Calcium is the most used mineral in your body and necessary for proper heart function. Used to contract the heart to pump blood and for electrical signaling that coordinates the heart beat.

Vitamin A&D – These two fat soluble Vitamins are amazing fatty acids that promote a healthy circulatory system. Vitamin A supports healthy heart tissue and is needed for the heart to work properly. Vitamin D supports healthy blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant that slows the process of oxidation.

Formula HR (Heart) – A combination of herbs that work together to support the heart and healthy cholesterol levels.

You can learn more about your circulatory system here

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