Digestive System Pack – Digestive Nutrients


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Nutrition to support a healthy digestive system.

Easy to absorb nutrients along with fiber and pro-biotics that help reset your digestive system in just 30 days.

Taking care of your health just got much easier. This pack takes the guess work out by getting the tools your digestive system needs to function properly.

This pack includes:

  • Green Barley – 5 healthy ingredients that are rich in nutrients and fiber. Just add to water and enjoy the smooth peppermint flavor while getting your greens.
  • Intestinal Tune Up – A product that nourishes your intestines as it cleans out toxins and excess waste. This herbal product comes in powder and capsules.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This healthy gut bacteria supports pro-biotic growth that has many digestive benefits and is a huge part of your immune system.
  • Ginger – An herb that supports healthy digestion. This liquid tincture is easy to take and quickly absorbs for faster results.

Get all 4 of these wonderful products and save 10%.

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Your digestive system is what feeds every cell in your body. Make sure your digestive system is running smooth so your cells get what they need to function properly.

The Digestive System Pack comes with all the tools you need. A healthy and easy way to support your digestive system so it is able to properly breakdown the food you eat and absorb the nutrients for the rest of your body.

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