Pro-Biotic – Healthy Gut Bacteria


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Acidophilus is a pro-biotic with several different strands of healthful bacteria. Each strand has a unique health benefit. Together, these stands work to promote a healthy gut, urinary tract, immune system, and digestive system.

HoneyCombs acidophilous is enriched with billions of living and active bacteria. These friendly bacteria break down toxins, sugars, and matter that would otherwise damage or stress our healthy tissue.

Acidophilus creates an environment other harmful bacteria can’t live in. Acidophilus supports a healthy homeostasis by balancing pH and converts sugars into usable non-toxic energy. These environmental conditions prevent harmful bacteria from fermenting sugars and other undigested material into acids and damaging toxins.

Garlic and other sulfur rich foods and supplements help feed these beneficial bacteria. This promotes the activity and procreation of healthy bacteria.

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