Turmeric Rhizome


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Turmeric Extract is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. With high potency Turmeric herb and vegetable glycerin from palm oil as a preservative, you can be sure you’re getting the right product. HoneyCombs Turmeric comes in a non alcoholic liquid. Easily add to shakes, smoothies or take by itself for quick, amazing results.

Ingredients: Turmeric Rhizome Powder, Glycerin and Water.

Serving Size: 1 Dropper (0.8mL)

Why Liquid? Liquid is easier for children and those with weaker digestive systems to absorb the product and get maximum benefit. The vegetable glycerin keeps the enzymes alive and able to activate when the product reaches the stomach. Liquid Is the sure way to get the best results even if you’re healthy. Also, with shakes being so popular, liquid easily mixes in with what you’re drinking.

If you have any question concerning this product, feel free to contact us.

Turmeric works great with Propolis.

Take one dropper a day for best results.

Turmeric – 100mg per serving. Approximately 43 servings per 1oz.

Quick tips: Take with honey to get added benefit. Use to add color to foods.

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