15 minute walk = 8,000 steps

A 15 minute walk adds a lot of value to your health. Not only is it healthy for your muscles and organs but it’s a great way to relieve stress.

Walking for 15 minutes a day this week can turn into 30 minutes a day next week, then 45 minutes the following week. After 45 minutes of consistent walking, the body will have used up its stored glycogen and then starts burning fat for energy.

We consume calories for energy, if you don’t use that energy, the body stores it. First, your body stores glycogen in the liver and muscles to be used when needed. If your liver and muscles storage is full and you continue to consume more than you need, the excess is stored in fat cells.

The idea of maintaining a healthy weight, is to eat as much calories as you burn daily so you don’t start storing it.

 Supplements for an active lifestyle: