When it comes to taking care of your health, it can be challenging to know what kind of foods to eat. I know when I first started on my health journey, I found that many of the foods I thought were healthy ended up not being at all.

Since processed foods have become a big part of the American diet, we have seen health problems climb dramatically. Foods that would have normally been nutrient rich are now depleted and then fortified with nutrients your body has a hard time absorbing.

When you start to fully understand how impactful food is to your overall health, you realize that most of what we eat is harmful. This why it’s important to know what you are eating and the risk or benefit the food has on your body.

Processed Food

Processed means the food was mechanically or chemically changed to preserve it. Now, this means a lot goes under this category, including cooking and freezing food. The difference between you and a food manufacture cooking and freezing food, is the follow up.

When you prepare a meal with heat, it does change the consistency and some of the nutrients and enzymes are lost, but overall, it offers more value than harm. A manufacturer takes that heating process much higher and longer to kill all enzymes and any bacteria that may be present. Then they add preservatives, colors, flavors, and many other ingredients to make it look and taste better. Also, most of these companies’ ingredients are of poor quality and in most cases GMO’s.

By the time the food is packaged, it’s been completely changed, and all the nutrients listed in the “nutrient facts” were added (fortified). These so-called foods, at this point, are no longer recognized by your body and the digestive system cannot fully break them down. Only sugar and fats are absorbed, and the rest become toxic. If these toxins are coming in faster than your body can get rid of them, then excess fat cells are created, allergies and auto immune disease are born, inflammation, foggy head, and much much more takes place.

The best thing you can do, is to start making time to prepare your meals from healthy ingredients. Avoid eating manufactured processed foods and make sure you’re getting enough fiber and work on increasing your healthy gut bacteria.

When I was younger I would work out 7 days a week and ate a strict diet. On the outside I looked great, and most would have thought I was the epitome of healthy. But inside, my digestive system was constantly giving me trouble. Every time I ate, my stomach was upset, and my head was foggy most days.

Turns out, my diet restricted me of many nutrients, I was overly toxic, and my gut bacteria was out of harmony because of it. I was able to overcome my digestive upset quick once I learned what was going on and what I needed to do. I cut out processed foods (including protein powder) and started preparing my own meals from fresh ingredients.

I immediately did a intestinal detox and went to work on re-harmonizing my gut bacteria. I did it all with all the products that are now in the Digestive System Pack. To learn more about these products, click here.

Part II coming soon…