On October 12 – 2021, Blaze Media publishes an article: “Synthetic ‘everywhere chemicals’ found in hundreds of daily products linked to premature death in US.” According to US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, phthalates, also known as “everywhere chemicals” are a group of toxins found in most everything you buy and use daily. Shampoos, vinyl, nail polish, kid’s toys, hair sprays, lotions, soaps, fragrances, food packaging, carpets, wall paints, and much more. The FDA has concluded its unclear what effects phthalates have on human health. Their stance is minimal on the subject, and they show little interest furthering the safety research. However, recent research is strongly suggesting these toxins do have life shortening consequences.

            This study measured the urine concentration of phthalates in more the 5,000 adults between the ages 55 to 64 and compares those levels to the risk of early death over and average of 10 years. The study reported that exposure to phthalate chemicals could contribute to between 91,000 and 107,000 premature deaths every year costing the U.S. some 41 billion dollars in economic productivity.

            Because phthalates come in many different forms and are in everything, we use every day, it is unclear just how devastating these chemicals can be to our health. A toxin is identified as something harmful to the body. Toxins have the ability to adulterate chemistries that ultimately have negative impacts and/or cell damaging effects to our health.  Some toxins may have minimal damage and other toxins (referred to as carcinogenic) have cell mutating or cancerous effects. Some toxins like poisons and venoms have such detrimental effects they can kill in a matter of minutes.

Research suggests, phthalates have negative impacts to our endocrine system. They can mimic, adulterate, or compromise hormones. The body uses hormones to communicate with cell tissue giving clear instructions on what to do and when to do it. By manipulating the hormone communication network, the cell tissue gets mixed messages and may or may not do something it was intended to. This miscommunication over a lifetime could develop into catastrophic outcomes for one’s health.

The body is regulated by hormones. Cell tissue does not act independently. Every cell in the body is told what to do and when to do it. The endocrine system is a team of glands networked to the pituitary gland and the brain to send hormones throughout the entire body. This allows the network of communication and function for the health and wellbeing of its host (you). Every activity you do and every feeling you have may change chemistries to function for your benefit. For an example, if you are taking a relaxing walk at your local park, your hormones are functioning to cater to your needs at that moment. If a barking dog jumps out at you with a threatening tone, your hormonal activity changes within a matter of seconds to cater to your changing defensive needs.

            Phthalates have the ability to adulterate these hormone messengers. They may tell the body to do something it normally wouldn’t do. This could have a domino effect throughout the entire body. Because these toxins are everywhere, they have life-long threats. Synthetic phthalates are so widespread we will never know their true impacts. There is no way to perform accurate studies because everyone is impacted by these toxins, and we have no subjects to compare the study against. What we do know is they have negative impacts across the globe and according to the studies that do exist the impacts are substantial to our health.

            So, what can we do to minimize phthalates and other toxins from impairing our health? First, be mindful of these toxins and minimize exposure whenever possible. Second, it is critical we detox regularly. Detoxing opens the doors to the body’s elimination system. Using herbal detoxifying supplements is a great way to encourage the elimination of toxins, byproducts, and other unwanted substances. In fact, if our body’s elimination system is compromised, these toxins can accumulate. This may further complicate one’s health.

Drinking plenty of good water, encouraging regular bowels, diluting toxin accumulation, and preventing toxins from entering our body is the only tools we have to ward off the effects of these ‘everywhere chemicals.’