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Calcom is an herbal, algae calcium formula for those that want a healthy calcium supplement without all the additives. Our liquid formula is easier to absorb than most calcium’s and provide quick results.

Why take a calcium supplement? Calcium is a mineral your body must have to operate properly. Without it, your calcium levels can fall too low, forcing your body to pull the mineral from your bones. Calcium is used in many functions of the body and needed for muscle contractions and to support a healthy nervous system. A supplement (if bioavailable) can help you get enough calcium daily and avoid deficiency.

Not all calcium is created equal. Just because something has calcium doesn’t mean your body can use it. In fact, most calcium supplements go right through the digestive system with little to no absorption. Algee has been found to be one of the best bioavailable calcium sources and is why we use it in our Calcom Formula.

  • Quality Tested
  • 16oz Non Alcoholic Liquid
  • 30 day supply
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Products that improve calcium absorption: Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Magnesium.

If you suffer from a calcium deficiency and would like to try our calcium complex but don’t like liquid, check out our algae powder formula.


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