5 Foods That Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

In most cases, if you have high cholesterol levels, you were likely told to avoid certain foods. And while it is important to avoid foods that increase unhealthy cholesterol, it’s also important to eat foods that support healthy cholesterol levels. Around 94...

What Are Processed Foods?

When it comes to taking care of your health, it can be challenging to know what kind of foods to eat. I know when I first started on my health journey, I found that many of the foods I thought were healthy ended up not being at all. Since processed foods have become a...

How to Take Care of Your Liver

Inside your body right now there are toxins being filtered from your bloodstream, fats being broken-down to support your organs, glycogen and vitamins are being stored for energy to be used at a later time, and Albumin (a protein that keeps fluids from leaking from...

5 Healthy Ways You Can Boost Your Energy

Are you one of those people that need a caffeine boost midday to get you through your afternoon? This was defiantly me before I discovered how to activate my body’s natural ability to produce and preserve energy. For years I thought that being tired in the afternoon...

The Circulatory System

According to the CDC, heart disease is the number one killer of men and women of most races in America. Someone dies every 36 seconds of cardiovascular complications and 1 in every 4 deaths is heart disease related, with around 805,000 heart attacks each year. These...

Keeping Strong Bones and Joints Through Your Later Years

A strong foundation is important no matter what your age. Understanding how your bones work and what they do will help you keep them healthy and strong. In this write up, we will go over what your bones do, why bones weaken, how to keep your bones strong as you age,...

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