Ginkgo Biloba Leaf


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Liquid Ginkgo Leaf Herb

Ginkgo Leaf is an herb used for many health benefits. The herb is used mainly to improve circulation in the brain. Adding a dropper to your favorite tea can improve your health and mind clarity. HoneyCombs Ginkgo Leaf comes in a liquid with a vegetable glycerin from palm oil as a preservative.

Why Liquid? Liquid is easier for children and those with weaker digestive systems to absorb the product and get maximum benefit. The vegetable glycerin keeps the enzymes alive and able to activate when the product reaches the stomach. Liquid Is the sure way to get the best results even if you’re healthy. Also, with shakes being so popular, liquid easily mixes in with what you’re drinking.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 dropper (1/4 teaspoon)

1 ounce, 8 ounce, 16 ounce sizes available

Amount Per Serving


Ginkgo Leaf Powder



* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Glycerin and Water.

Other Names for Ginkgo Biloba
Maidenhair Tree.

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