Body Cleanse Detox Program (Special save 15%)

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Encourage the body to cleanse and detoxify with the HoneyCombs Body Cleanse Detox Program.

Intestinal Tune-Up encourages bowel regularity using soothing and healing herbs like slippery elm and aloe vera. Many toxins and byproducts are transported to the colon for elimination. Regular bowel movements are important in maintaining good health and proper detoxification.

Expello-C supports the lymphatic system and the immune system. The body uses the lymphatic system to transport toxins and byproducts from cell tissue to an exit point. The lymphatic system is a highway for the immune system to quicky respond to areas of toxic stress. Supporting the lymphatic system encourages the immune system and allows the body to maintain healthy detoxification.

Formula IM supports the immune system. The immune system is responsible for minimizing toxin accumulation.

Formula OC supports a healthy blood stream. The bloodstream is a cell delivery system for foods, oxygen and proper hydration.

Formula P2 encourages the elimination of unwanted parasites.

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