Blood Sugar Support Pack


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Blood Sugar Support

Fenugreek, Garlic, Capsicum, and B Vitamins all support healthy blood sugar. This pack includes all 4.

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Non Alcoholic, liquid products. Easy to take with quick absorption

These products are easy to absorb even for those with a weak digestive systems. All three herbs and the B Vitamin Complex are vegan friendly with glycerin as the carrier.

Glycerin is sweet but does NOT cause an insulin response. It is easy on the digestive system and supports healthy skin.

B-Complex – A great source of all eight water soluble B Vitamins and Vitamin C. For best results, take 1 teaspoon after a meal.

Fenugreek Seeds – Take 1 dropper before a meal or add to shake or tea.

Garlic – Best taken before or with a meal. Suggest use: 1 dropper

Capsicum – The spice of this herb is a great combination to add to a warm cup of cacao. Mix cacao with warm water, almond milk, or oat milk and add 1 to 2 droppers of capsicum (depending on how spicy you like it).

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