Calcom Calcium Capsules


Calcom (calcium) supply’s 500mg of usable calcium per dosage.

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Calcom Capsules 

  • Supports strong bones, joints and teeth.
  • Supports healthy heartbeat, breathing and muscle movement.
  • Supports healthy digestive activity.
  • Supports good health.

Calcom is calcium sourced from algae. Calcium is a necessary nutrient that helps support healthy bones, joints, teeth. Calcium is also used as an electrolyte supporting healthy muscle movement, breathing and heart regulation. Calcium is also a buffer used to neutralize acids in the body promoting digestive activity and blood pH balance. Most people do not get enough calcium in their diet alone. Those who supplement calcium tend to get it in supplements made from limestone or rock. Limestone calcium (commonly labeled calcium carbonate or calcium citrate) is not a usable form of calcium for the body. It is important we get at least 1300 mg daily to maintain healthy calcium levels. Calcom can help bridge the gap and support a healthy calcium level in the body.


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