Cholesterol Support Pack


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The cholesterol Support Pack is formulated to support healthy cholesterol levels in the body. Use them together with healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize healthy cholesterol.

Niacin is a B-Vitamin that encourages healthy cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

Garlic is an herb that has powerful supporting compounds that support cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Vitamin E is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the body.

Vitamin C is a powerful water-soluble antioxidant that helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream

Vitamins A&D with Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA support healthy cholesterol levels.

Raw Power Greens are rich in nutrition and plant-based fiber that helps maintain the balance of cholesterol.

Other Healthful lifestyle tips.

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily to maintain hydration and support healthy blood flow.

Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Maintaining a healthy diet will support a healthy balance of cholesterol.

Consume more unsaturated fats like olive oil and less saturated fats like animal fats will help manage cholesterol levels. Research confirms consuming more unsaturated and monounsaturated fats encourage HDL (cholesterol cleanup crew) and reducing saturated fats limits LDL production (the cholesterol delivery crew).

Exercise helps promote the body’s natural balance. Staying active supports a healthy heart rate and circulation.


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