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What’s blocking you from success?
Toxins overload our bodies and prevent us from reaching what we want, better health. The right nutrition is very important for taking your health to the next level but if you are unable to absorb it, then you’re wasting time and money. The first step to improving health should always be a detox. Why? Toxins are stored throughout the body but mainly in the intestinal track, which prevent toxins from other areas to be removed. When the intestines are blocked with toxic waste, only fats and sugars are absorbed making it hard to lose weight or remove other toxins stored throughout the body. Have a health goal in mind? Start with a detox.

The Intestinal Tune Up breaks up hardened fecal matter from the intestinal walls so you can absorb nutrients easier. This pack also includes liquid Formula IM and Formula OC. These two products help clean toxins from the blood while providing immune support. Don’t like capsules? We offer this pack in powder.

What is a toxin? Anything can be toxic to your body if you get too much of it, even water. The problem with today’s diets and eating habits result in too little of the nutrients we need and too much of what we only need a small amount of. Processed sugar for example, is very toxic to the human body and weakens the immune system and is the catalyst to many health problems, including obesity. But, a small amount of processed sugar every now and then is good because it keeps your immune system in check. You do need sugar in your diet, but it should be mainly from fruits and vegetables.

The detox is designed to detox the body of toxins without an intense healing crisis. Make sure to drink plenty of water while doing the detox. Instructions included with Pack.

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