Formula OC


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Formula OC

The Formula OC is a combination of herbs that work great together to support healthy blood. The blood, just like other parts of the body, can become over run by toxins that can leave you feeling down and without energy. And because all of your blood travels through your heart and organs, it is very important to keep it healthy and clean. The blood is responsible for delivering vital nutrients to cells throughout the body and expel the cells waist. If toxins start backing up in the blood, the cells will be unable to get rid of their waist. Toxins are part of our every day life, avoiding them is impossible but taking the steps to keep them moving out of the body instead of hanging around and causing harm will leave you feeling better.

This product works great with Formula IM and Intestinal Tune Up – Get all three for cheaper – Detox Pack

  • Non-alcoholic liquid herbal extract
  • Quality assured
  • Shipped direct from manufacturer

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