Calcom (Powder)- Algae Calcium Complex


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Calcium Complex – Calcom


Excellent source of calcium 870 mg per dosage in the calcom powder

Calcium from Algae

Vegan formula

Supports strong bones, joints, and teeth

Supports healthy blood pressure

Encourages good sleep, healthful brain function, supports memory and stress management

Calcium is necessary for good health. Calcium works well with vitamin D and Vitamin K in the body to maintain specific health chemistries.

The recommended daily allowance for calcium has been adjusted from 1000 mg daily to 1300 mg daily for an adult consuming 2000 calories daily. This is the minimum amount an adult need to maintain normal calcium levels in the body. Any less then this may result in deficiencies.

Calcium is an essential mineral (meaning it is necessary for normal bodily function). Calcium is the most used minerals in the body. As a constructional component, its used to strengthen bones, teeth and joints. It’s used as an electrolyte allowing electrical impulses to regulate muscle movement and heart beat rhythms. Calcium supports healthy blood pressure and is used as a buffer, neutralizing acids in the digestive system and other parts of the body.


Products such as Mineral complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 work well with Calcom. Try HoneyCombs Calcium Complex today to see the difference.

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